Protective films for ultrasonic welding

How did it start? Our customers wanted to have suitable films to go with the film feeds. It was difficult to get suitable rolls. So we bought films and had them cut.

With these films bought from dealers, there were always quality problems, specks on the film, cloudy surface, thickness differences, contamination, width deviations etc.

We guarantee the high quality of our ultrasonic PE film through a detailed quality agreement with our film manufacturer. The film is always produced on the same blown-film extrusion line, in the optimum width for the quality.

It is slit to the desired roll width and, if necessary, rewound onto small 1 inch cores.

This enables us to supply the desired dimensions at short notice.

Low-density polyethylene with lubricant has proven itself for this application.

The films are available in thickness of 0.02 mm; 0.032 mm; 0.05 mm; 0.07 mm, and 0.1 mm.

If required, films of other PE types, with and without lubricant, can also be manufactured and made available for testing.