About Us

David Kajcsos – the owner of the company Horst Sitte Sondermaschinenbau is the successor of the company Horst Sitte Heißprägetechnik.

The company Horst Sitte Sondermaschinenbau was established on 01.02.2017. The owner David Kajcsos took over the employees and production of the company Firma Horst Sitte Heißprägetechnik on 01.01.2018.

In doing so, we can draw on Horst Sitte’s vast wealth of experience. Combined with the know-how from new developments and prototype construction for polygraphic mechanical engineering (positioning systems, film rewind cutting machines) and the passion for mechanical engineering, the tried and trusted recipe and innovative creativity can now go hand in hand.

So that as much as possible, the knowledge and skills that have been developed in more than 50 years of working for Mr. Sitte can be taken over; the company Horst Sitte Heißprägetechnik will continue to work in the same premises for some time to come.

Our work areas are:

  • Production and further development of protective film feed units for ultrasonic welding – film feed VE120B … VE450B, film feed VE70T and VE120T as well as the new developments VE120S …VE450S and VE70SK
  • Supply and packaging of protective films for ultrasonic welding
  • Production of parts requiring special knowledge, e.g.
    • Welding membranes into bottle caps,
    • ultrasonic welding of housings,
    • stamping of membrane keypads,
    • ultrasonic welding of difficult parts
  • Design and manufacture of special machines and devices, e.g.
    • Device for manufacturing car batteries
    • Ultrasonic welding machines for medical technology,
    • hot foil automated embossing machines for plastic parts,
    • Machine development as well as device and sample construction to manufacture and process wooden tubes for the company LignoTube (company Lignotube)
    • Development and construction of work equipment for workshops with disabled people
    • Hand embossing presses with brand laser for embossing holograms and other security features e.g. the entertainment industry