Film feeds

The first film feeds were developed and built for hot foil embossing. This also resulted in applications as film feeds for protective films in ultrasonic welding.

Based on this application, we have already built and sold more than 800 film feeds for our customers, mostly well-known manufacturers of ultrasonic welding machines.

The film feeds are also used repeatedly for processing strips or thin metal foil in machine cycles for heat sealing, punching, coating, or in-mould labelling.

Thanks to a simple stand-alone control system, the feed can be easily integrated into other lines.

The feed cycle can be started on all film feeds by a sensor or an external 24 V signal.

We are happy to support you in your projects and look forward to every new application.

If film consumption is low or space is limited, the VE70T or VE120T film feed is used, as well as the newly added VE70SK variant. Film rolls on 1″ core with roll length 122 m are used. In the T-versions, this film feed is driven by a 7 W synchronous motor. The feed step is set via the runtime (therefore designated as T) with a time relay.

If more space is available, the VExxxB or VExxxS series is the right choice. With this film feed, 3″ rolls with a diameter of 280 mm and up to a width of 450 mm can be used. A series with the same drive was created for different film widths 70 mm; 120 mm; 160 mm; 200 mm; 250 mm; 300 mm; 350 mm; 400 mm, and 450 mm. The B-version is driven by a brushless DC motor 24 V, 25 W (therefore marked B) with an encoder. The desired feed step is set in mm and is maintained at +-0.3 mm. The feed speed is adjustable. At low speed, a higher step accuracy is achieved. The controls are located either directly on the film feed or on a separate control housing facilitating operation in confined spaces.

To avoid delivery bottlenecks, the VExxxB variant is alternatively equipped with a brushless DC servo motor with an integrated controller (stepper motor). This does not affect the usual operation and commissioning.

The new film feed variants VExxxS and VE70 SK are equipped with a stepper motor and a Nanotec stepper motor driver. The VE70SK variant is controlled via analogue operation controls and the VExxxS variants via a touch display.
Both variants can also be controlled via an external control unit with a touch display.